Sunday, March 6, 2011

I live to see....

my husband smile...and be silly...somedays its not that easy to pull him out of the shell he's in due to his PTSD but when I can get him to laugh just for a bit it actually makes it seem like life is normal...even for a split second...esp since the day these pictures were taken he had a doctors appt..and some other appts and was just dead tired, as you can see from the bottom picture...but he still was silly for a moment...I think the best way to descibe my feelings at that moment is pure happiness...and it reminds me that deep down the man I married is still here with us...all I can say is that I love my husband with every fiber in my heart and soul even through the hell we've gone through..

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  1. wow i can't even imagine what you guys go through. its hard enough on me with all of johns anxiety problems and he can't even handle stress and when he gets stressed it gets ugly hugs out to all of you i hope things get better