Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear US Army...

Dear US Army(or whoever is in charge)...

Hey don't know me..or my husband..or my family. I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing! And also to remind you that sitting on some random officer's desk there is some paperwork that needs to be signed. So if you could nudge said random officer to sign said paperwork that would be wonderful...See that paperwork is my husband's NARSUM..which was done and typed up by the 22nd of February and well as you know we need that paperwork to get signed and sent to his PEBLO so we can move on with our lives, ya know MOVE and buy a house, I completely understand that we are on your time table but I believe we have been very patient in waiting almost a month for this paperwork but as you know (or maybe not) its not good being stuck and at the mercy of a machine or even a person. So please hunt down said random officer, get him to sign the paperwork in question and get it sent to PEBLO...while we have enjoyed our time dealing with and working with you we are ready to get out and have a somewhat normal life.

Heather Moates

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