Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm sitting here...and so many thoughts run through my mind when I think of the word "friend"...and I look back at all the people that have called themselves my friend and in some way or another way they were...but now I know 99% of them I could not call if I needed them.

According to the the word Friend(or friendship) ~is a form of interpersonal relationship,generally closer then an association, although there is a range of degree of intimacy in both friendship and association.

Now that sounds so offical and kind of me a friend is someone that I can call and if I need a moment to vent I can...and hopefully feel better once I'm done...a friend is someone that understands there are a lot of moments in my life that I can't drop everything to go somewhere or just hang out due to my husband's PTSD...I've lost so many people that I thought were my friends, people that now avoid me or just completely ignore me due to my husband and his medical problems. And that makes me sad...I've dropped things at times to be there for those "friends"..and in the end they have dropped me as a friend

So to those few friends that have stuck with me through thick and thin thank those that haven't I guess I should say thank you taught and showed me what a true friend really is...


  1. yep just shows who your true friends are. some people are ignorant, i am always here for ya girl i can sort of relate even though mine just has anxiety problems and can't handle loud noises or stress i can relate and it's not easy. my number is on facebook feel free to call or text anytime.

  2. I know exactly where you are coming from. I have lost so many friends since my husband has been diagnosed. I wish people would understand that our everyday life is based on what kind of mood our house is in and that they cant pick and choose those moods at our convenience. And you are right you do find out who your friends are. I have a select FEW friends. and for those I am very thankful! Please know that you are not alone....