Monday, March 31, 2014

NYC Writers Retreat

I have to say this...I would be the only person in a retreat of 20 women to have some creature climb up from the bowels of hell and latch itself into my stomach. That creature has stopped me from making my pilgrimage to see the fabulous Al Roker, that is super sad for me! One day I will see and take a selfie with day!

Ok now on to the reason for my trip..I was very fortunate to be selected(is selected the correct word?) to attend this amazing Writers retreat through the Wounded Warrior Project and The Writers Guild of America East. I had stopped writing for almost a year due to my own inability to pull the words out of my brain and put them on paper..err...iPad screen. Maybe it was my insecurity or just me making excuses for my laziness but I received such amazing mentorship and encouragement from several wonderfully inspiring women who have written screen plays, tv shows, award shows and comedy skits how could I not be inspired to write. 

This 2 part trip has shown me that I have a story and I may not want people to see the true me it's a story that might just need to be told. I have a twisted sense of humor but that's how I adapt to my home life. Life or fate has a way of reaching back and bitch slapping you into reality and facing things that sometimes are uncomfortable or even funny. 

I have made life long friends with women who could take on the world, well the VA and the military which if you've ever had the "pleasure" of dealing with them it is the world. One of those women is a published author who has no problem introducing herself to a random stranger on the streets of New York and making friends or even trying to get Denzel Washington to come up our hotel to meet us...which didn't happen but at least she tried! I watched women open up to some very dark and hurtful things and pushed thru with a resiliency (yes there's that word again) that makes them look like super heroes with their invisible capes flapping in the wind. I am in complete awe of these women.

This trip hasn't been all about writing and tears. We were able to explore this jungle of buildings, lights and people. We learned how to get from NYC to Hoboken NJ,on a trek to see THE Cake boss and get some wonderful goodies, sadly Buddy didn't get the memo we were coming so he was on his way to Vegas but his employees were fantastic. We ran in a rain shower 10 city blocks and dodged a see of umbrellas and people. We found the typical New York gift shops filled with random Statue of Liberty figures to the NYC mugs..I think the city has sold herself short on the mug market.

This trip has touched me in ways that I didn't think were possible..I will always look back at this as that pinnacle turning point in my person to try and continue to push. This is MY random thoughts and if you don't like it don't read it.