Thursday, April 28, 2011

But does it really exsist...??

    I belong to a Facebook group for military wives and one "girl" made a comment about how her daddy said "PTSD is just a cowards way of getting out living"...and then she went on to state that her husband and his friends had deployed to Iraq in 2010 and came home "fine" so that must mean that people claiming PTSD are faking it and are trying to get out of doing their jobs...

  Well I must thank this girl for opening my eyes to the "truth" about the whole time I was thinking that my husband really had a disability and he was faking it the whole time...REALLY?

  This is the reason most of our vets will not get the help they so desperately need because of the misconceptions surrounding PTSD...yes not everyone will get PTSD, most guys are coming home from the latest deployments to Iraq without PTSD because its a different time and a different place then it was 5yrs ago...or even 3 yrs ago...we aren't hearing about soldiers dying as much in Iraq as we did 3yrs ago. We still hearing about them but instead of multiply deaths weekly we hear about 1 or 2 soldiers losing their lives in that area...what is going on in Afghanistan is what our guys were dealing with in Iraq all those years ago.

  The stigma towards PTSD is still very prevalent in the military among the Chain of Command and the soldiers themselves...its almost like their view PTSD as a contagious disease that they can "catch" or being around a comrade that has PTSD is making them weak...I've seen that first hand with my husband...and his former friends and Chain of husband was a "Good soldier" and a "Good NCO" all his NCOER's reflected that, he had Top Squad in the company and at one point the Battalion. Til the ugly head of PTSD decided she needed to show up...and that's when we found out how quickly people can turn their backs on you...but that's neither here nor there anymore for us...we've managed to move on with our lives and look towards a future without the Army...

  But wait I move off my subject...since according to this 1 person and her family PTSD doesn't exists how can so many men and women have it a mass group of people defrauding the government...its a conspiracy to make the world feel sorry for them..yea that's it..the 100,000 + people that are coming back from deployments are faking it to get sympathy from complete strangers...WOW that's a lot of people to organize...*shakes my head* some people have no concept of how completely ignorant they sound...thank you for showing me the errors in my way there wise person from Facebook without your "knowledge" of PTSD I would still be living a life of complete fakery(made up Heather word)...*Laughing*

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  1. omg i don't even know what to say about what that girl said...smh