Tuesday, May 3, 2011

He's dead...now what??

So I've decided to really not write about the death of bin Laden...simply because that man has taken up 10yrs + of the news, the lives, and the deaths of to many Americans(both Military and Civilians) along with thousands of innocent people around the world and he doesn't deserve anymore attention...he's dead

What I worry about the most is the ones that are coming up..the ones that feel its their duty to step up and take his place...the ones that feel that they must retaliate against the US and cause more death, destruction and terror. They are the ones we have to worry about..the unknown is worse then knowing your enemy and right now we are in the unknown.

And as long as our country isn't unified we will always fall back into the sense of feeling we're "safe"...we as a country are no longer safe...most people seem to forget that almost 10yrs ago we were attacked and had 3000 innocent men, women and children murdered on our own soil...and yet people complain about having to not carry their shampoo bottles on to planes, complaining about the extra screening at the airports...let me ask you would you rather go through all that or go through another horrible terrorist attack where more people could end up murdered? I think the other is the lesser of the 2 evils...

We allow ourselves to be fall into a false sense of security and this time is no exception...do we think that bringing our troops home will stop the terrorist? Not really what has happened has given them the opportunity to avenge the death of their fallen leader...and that will eventually happen when we're not prepared and expecting it...now a lot of people can dismiss this as me being paranoid and not sharing in the joy of the recent events and that's fine...yes I am worried about the future and yes I am thinking of worse case scenarios just because I remember 10yrs ago...I have to care of my wounded warrior everyday and I have a very visible sign of the war on terrorism.

I hope and pray I am wrong and that the rest of the Al Quada just kind of slinks away into the shadows and stop their terror on the world but given their history I don't see it happen...

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