Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Grass...

So we have this patch of yard that has been trampled by the 3 dogs...all the grass is gone...and there is nothing but dirt and god forbid when it rains or snow melt it turns into a HUGE mud wrestling pit for the girls and 3 dogs in and out all day does wonders on my floors with the mud...well a couple weeks ago we decided we're gonna plant grass seeds and hope for the off to Home Depot we went and got grass seeds..a plastic web fencing thing thats great to keep deer out but not Great Danes and some stakes to keep the fencing in a spot..and we planted

We monitored the seeds..kept the dogs away from the area(not a small task)...watered the mudhole to help the seeds grow...dealt with birds stealing the seeds..and wind(gotta love 40+mph wind)..

Well a couple days ago I noticed we have GRASS!!
Woohoo...and then this morning I noticed we have several patches of grass...super excited...

Hopefully we won't have to resort to sneaking down to the new housing unit and pulling a Fun with Dick and Jane scene..ya know taking the butcher knife to the lawns and cutting out patches...LOL

That'll be us not really...though ya know with the whole crazy husband thing he could get away with it..hee hee

Anyways off to do some more yard work today and hit the commissary to get food for the family...everyone have an amazing day

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