Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The little things...

So I'm sitting here at 5:53 in the morning...drinking my tea and enjoying the quiet before the day starts...and it got me thinking about all the little things in life that are overlooked each day esp by me because I'm always on the go...sometimes I take for granted this small bit of time in the morning when the dogs are sleeping and the house is nice and quiet.

I also seem to forget to be thankful for days when my husband smiles and laughs...when I see a glimpse of the wonderful man I married almost 7yrs ago...I also forget to be thankful that he's alive...he's here with me and our family...esp when I'm complaining about running around and dealing with appts...and the stress of a TBI, PTSD and his back injuries. I know I absolutely love my husband and even on days when I want to drop kick someone I am so grateful he's home with me.

I see all these young wives dealing with such despair and heartache when their soldiers do not return to them and that breaks my heart. I have followed one extremely amazing wife's very lows and some of her highs since her Marine was KIA on Dec 1,2010...this amazing woman was a newlywed when her world came crashing down around her and yet she's managed to live her life with such class and strength...I am in complete awe of her, her courage to fix life and to keep moving even when she doesn't want to...and I encourage anyone that reads my blog to check hers out...http://katieandchadwade.blogspot.com/ through everything she reminds people to love each other and not to take each other for granted..

So as I write this I know I need to stop taking the little things in my life for granted...my husband's smile and laugh, my kids laughing, the wonderful friends I have in my life..and just life in general...I need to thank Katie Wade for this reminder...because I know on my hardest day when I want to quit and run from life this beautiful amazing woman is facing a life without her soul mate and her heart and she's still doing it with strength and grace.

To steal a quote she has on her page that her husband said I'm gonna finish my blog with this...

"Find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and hold on to with everyone you have" ~Chad Wade

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