Friday, April 22, 2011

The Memory Game...

I remember being little and playing memory all the time...loved that game because my memory was pretty freakin good...and still is...hell when I have to keep 3 people's schedules organized to include work schedules, doc appts and everything else I rock...LOL

Now lets turn over to the guy that lives in the house with me..his memory is freakin horrible..and continues to get worse, which has its advantage (lol) but the past 4 days now he's locked his keys in his truck while they're in the ignition which ok everyone does but this last time he actually locked his keys in the truck while the truck was running...ugh..thank goodness for roadside assistance because they've been life savers...getting to know the tow truck driver pretty The part that is worrying me is that he doesn't remember even starting the have to get with his TBI doc for another check out the memory lobes of his brain to see the changes...kind of worried about this appt...

Its also to the point where I give him his meds, because he can't remember if he's taken them..he doesn't remember having conversations with people, he can't remember certain basic things...ugh...wish this wasn't happening to him..

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