Thursday, December 8, 2011

I feel random

WOW! Who ever said "God only gives you as much as he thinks you can handle" needs to be slapped...ok not really but I'm so tired of hearing that...when does enough get to be enough? We scratch and claw our way to make a slightly normal life..and it still doesn't work. What the hell?? Can we get a break for at least the holidays???

We got our application submitted for the Federal Recovery Coordinator program because husband's case manager not doing his job...really how hard is it to call and set up referral information and manage to make sure he gets his meds..apparently pretty freakin hard.

I'm not ready for Christmas...usually by now my house is a giant Christmas tree exploded in a million pieces. Not this year...I'm so burnt out from the past few months that its just not happening this year. I got the tree up and some decorations but thats about it. I need a few elves to help me get stuff done that feel the holiday spirit I think its just left our house...

I think that if things had been simple we'd all be less stressed out but it hasn't and I highly doubt it will be..if you can't tell I'm slightly less postive then usual..I have no motivation to do fight has left my body today and I don't know where to find it. Everytime I turn around its another brick wall that I have to scale and fight so we can get things done..and I'm just tired of fighting.
I've hit that offical "I don't care" phase of the MEB/WTB stupidity and hope someone can help...

*sigh*...if someone has a few million dollars laying around and feel the need to send it to me let me know..*smile* that might help a bit

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