Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Something new...

So this week has been both a bit of stress and excitement. The husband is going to be starting a new program online through the Vets Prevail page and I'm super excited about it but kind of nervous.This program is a free program that will help with reintegration and resilience for both Veterans and soldiers. After 2 hospitalizations and countless meds and hours of therapy we get to that point where we're hitting that brick wall again and the backward spiral happens again. I will be blogging weekly about his progress and our thoughts and opinions. We are hopeful that with this under his belt he can have new options in case his PTSD levels get back to a higher level...I do know that Vets Prevail has a lot of wonderful options for our returning vets and veterans from other conflicts. And we're both open to try something to help him..and hopefully with his experience we can help another soldier or family feel like they're not alone on this road...we have felt alone and have had to reach out for help and now we can be that help for another soul. Just remember that you are not alone out there..there are so many of us going through the same battles and we need to stick together and support both the soldier and the family.

Here is the Vets Prevail website...please share it with a Veteran or soldier


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