Monday, December 19, 2011

Week One is done...

So as many of y'all know the husband started the Vets Prevail program. Well today was the 1st lesson and all in all it went well..its kind of nice being able to do this from the comfort of our home and in a safe environment where there is no real pressure on him. If he feels the need to get up and walk around or even leave and come back to the lesson he can do that.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how well put together it was and how there is always Peer Support available which is great so my husband can connect with other Vets who have gone through the same things as him. He actually got on the chat and talked with someone for a good 20 mins which is something he wouldn't normally do, so that was a great sign.

I have to recommend though that when you do your lessons that you do it in a somewhere quiet location so you can really focus on the videos and aren't distracted. Also its a great resource for the spouses/caregivers to be involved with because we can use some of the lessons they are talking about..

The husband says the page has a lot of information..and he likes the fact that you can set goals and it will help you keep them. And you can schedule each lesson to work with your schedule...he also likes the fact they send reminder texts for those guys that have memory issues (like him) and he did enjoy the chat part of the page.

Here is their link...we both highly recommend it to anyone who is a Vet.

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