Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week 3

OK so I'm kind of dragging behind a bit...we can blame that on the holidays and dealing with the MEB (awww the joys) but we're back on schedule..kind of :-)

 So the husband worked on week 3 last was a rough night for him to focus due to him getting his ratings back and it showed on his assessment. He got a 2 out of 5 and that kind of made him a bit upset but through the program there is always a positive support even before you start talking to your peer support. Which is he needs to do today.

 Week 3's lesson focused on how he spends his time and how to work through the bad parts and focus on the positive. Which is something I know he needs to learn more about. A lot of soldiers/Vets who suffer from PTSD its hard to pull themselves out of that dark well of negativity and realize that there is something out there that is good.

 This also allowed some great open conversation with made him realize that he does focus on the bad more then the good facts of life and what he has.

I do notice a change in him each week..between working with the program and his therapist the 2 have helped him take a step back and re-evaluate rash decisions and to take into consideration the tools that are available to him.

Week 4 is scheduled for the 23rd of Jan...and no more delays. Promise..well OK won't promise but we'll try our best

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