Tuesday, April 6, 2010

so..not really day one but...

i figured i'd start this simply because i know in the world i'm not the only spouse helping my soldier handle ptsd...some days its pretty easy day and some days it feels like the bottom has fallen out of the world..between doctors appts, case manager appts and medication i feel like our lives have been consumed by ptsd...my husband is a great guy..he's deployed 3 times and i'm sure has seen more then i could ever even imagine...after each deployment he came home a bit changed..a bit more distant...a bit more sad and unable to control his thoughts, his emotions, his actions...for the past few months its been a hectic day to day life..between me working fulltime, handling all his appts, and 2 teenagers that have lives i keep waiting to meet myself coming or going sometimes..who knows maybe i will...lol

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