Wednesday, April 14, 2010

so where did i put my brain?

wow..its been a busy husband had 2 mri' for his brain and the other for his spine...he has some serious back issues thanks to carry about 100lbs of gear for 9yrs of army life..we got to see his spine mri thanks to his wonderful chiropractor...she was pretty happy to see somethings with his spine and so was the for his brain scan we have to wait til we see his TBI(traumatic brain injury) doctor to get the results...i hate waiting for results..

we did have a good laugh last night when john pulled all his medical stuff out...i swear i think we're going to get a few filing cabinets...but its pretty scary seeing just how much medical stuff there really is...and how much more there is to go...

on a good news~well kind of good~more helpful i guess...john was accepted into the WTB/WTU (warrior transtions unit)...basically they help soldiers that are wounded(either physically or mentally) transtion either back into the army or into civilian life...and just help the soldiers prepare for everything that will happen...i'm so glad this has happened its just a huge help for john and we get to figure out how to handle civilian

we've been house-hunting...we found a fabulous house...just now have to get all the fun stuff done and loans and ugh everything else buying a house..wish i had a rich family member...LOL...

the kids have been typical teenagers...and driving me batty...but it gives me something else to focus on instead of the huge unknown future of john getting out...not having the army really as a huge part of our life...and the unknown....but life is full of the unknowns..and we're gonna make it!

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