Friday, November 4, 2011

Grrr...and the battle continues

So we are all moved down here and enjoying our wonderful new home...which is amazing!

Buuuuut...and yes there is a but...husband is still assigned to the WTB at Ft Riley and has to have them do his referrals for his doctor appts which means they can sit on their behinds for days before he gets his referral's approved..really??? So its ok for him to be without his meds for over 2 weeks because you can't be bothered to make the referrals...we've talked to his Tricare case manager and she can't do anything because once again everything has to be done by his WTB case manager...what the hell good is it to have 2 case managers, a plt sgt, a 1st sgt and everyone else with their hands in the jar if no one can get shit done??

Lets make it simple...we've always made husband's appts why not let us do it tricare with the information and go on our merry way! Husband has to scan and email a paper weekly with his appts weekly to his plt sgt so its being tracked but once again that would make life simple! I know simple is not a word the military knows...I think people just get paid to sit around and think about ways to make life difficult for people especially our disabled vets.

So once again we battle to get things done...kind of getting burnt out from all the fighting. I wish somedays I could throw up my hands and say I quit but I don't and we still fight! Hopefully someday someone will see this and realize that life for a wounded warrior and his/her family isn't easy..that we don't get things handed to us and that we have to fight everyday for what they need and deserve! Til then we keep fighting, struggling and kicking all the way through this life...

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  1. That's the way to go! Your sacrifices and what your family has to endure will be recognized someday... just gotta keep pushing! :)