Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My gosh...I just realized I haven't written in almost a month and what a month!

Our greatest news is we're buying a HOUSE!!! YEAH! Super excited about that aspect of our life and super happy about being able to paint and decorate our very own house. No more housing! We're all so excited and we close in a couple of weeks...I can't believe how much life is changing...things are getting better somedays and somedays not so much. But really I can't change anything or would I want to change anything.

We met with the neurosurgeon yesterday and grrrr....that's a whole mess in itself. Since once again we get a whole other diagnoises with what is going on with the husband's back and I have a feeling we're gonna have to fight this one til the very end. I'm just ready to kick someone's butt and be done with it...I just don't get or see how 5 people can see 5 different things wrong with his back. I mean really...and not 1 person can agree with anyone else, they're right and everyone else is wrong. This one leaves me and the husband scratching our heads...so I'm assuming he's off to pt again.

Kristi Anne is a Jr this year and is already loving her teachers and her classes which is wonderful. Hopefully this year the husband might actually get to see her march in a football game with some logistical movement so we can get him away from the crowds.

Life as we know it is getting a bit better...sometimes it doesn't feel like we're fighting against this huge blackness. Sometimes not so much...PTSD has been winning a lot more lately here in our house due to the stress and aggervation which sucks because I hate when it does. She seems to have a pretty good hold 95% of the time on my husband and ugh the fight she puts up to keep him under her control is pretty rough. The 5% that I do have my husband is wonderful...just wish sometimes it was more than that, but I will take what I can and just keep on fighting.

We'll win not just a battle here and there...we will win the war. Or die trying damn it!

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