Friday, July 22, 2011

The Fear of the Unknown

This has been a pretty long few weeks...we all face the unknown everyday and I guess its all about how we look into that unknown that shapes our lives...somedays the fear of not knowing whats coming around the corner is pretty scary. Between my oldest going to another state to work and live and not being able to protect him from the world to my daughter going to California for a week without me and me not being able to make sure she takes her phone, watches out for weirdos and all the other mom of teenage girl fears...

Plus as the time moves closer to John's packet being reviewed and sent out to some nameless, faceless strangers my nerves are getting the better of seems we've been fighting to get him here and now the thought of people that don't even know us..or our daily struggles will decide how much money he "deserves"...

The stress and worry about how we'll make it through life is been slowly getting to are we gonna afford a house everything else...I worry about John finding his way in a civilian life that has idea how the life of an injured soldier works...I worry about how the stigma of PTSD will effect him everyday and how people will react towards him when he has a bad do I protect him from the world?

The unknown factors of life is a killer...and the fact that I have no control of our life right now is kicking my ass.


  1. I am a new follower as well as an Army Wife..
    I love the blog.. Would love a follow back

    Simply Sami

  2. Just found your blog; I am wife of retired military and now a military mother. Trying to understand PTSD, although we have not had to endure much of it ourselves.