Wednesday, June 9, 2010

so its summer...

and i'm off for a few months which means i get to go with the husband to his appts...and we're still getting the runaround when it comes to appts and all that stuff...we still have no one telling us when/and if he can medically retire yet..people that are in charge have no clue..and its frustrating as snot...we cant move forward with our plans without knowing if he's gonna get to retire...and i have a feeling we're gonna have to fight to get his retirement since the army isnt gonna want to pay him retirement for far the past couple weeks have been decent...we met with his case manager last week(eye rolling) she just rubs me wrong..she just looks at my husband like he's a number and not a person and just another thing to push out of her office and move on to the next soldier...his occupational therapist was a..hmmmm...dingbat to put it nicely...very immature...was not impressed with her...i realize this is all new to the army but really it would be nice to find people that are qualified to do their jobs and to act their age when they are at work...either that or i'm just pretty harsh simply because this is my husband..this is our life that is in limbo because of everything that he's gone through in 3 deployments...i dont know...

i'm just very aggervated at the army...i just dont understand how the higher up's choose to ignore all this til we had soldiers killing themselves...and innocent people...then they decided they need to do something and still soldiers are told they're "faking" or "trying to get out of a deployment"...we've heard alot worse from the husband's old chain of command...basically my husband was alienated by people he thought were his friends...guys that he went to bat for to get help them out now have nothing to do with him...he's gotten no support from those people...i guess its sad to say but 90% of the people in the army are out for themselves...and screw anyone that helped them out...sorry for my vent its just so aggervating to look at my husband knowing that he's been screwed over and he just doesnt care anymore....


  1. Wow I am wish you didn't have to go thru this. I think that the people who staff these places should be civilian trained/educated psychiatrists/psychologists. They would probably be objective.

  2. My husband was sexually abused by his female psychologist. Don't even get me started on those effing douchebag "medical professionals" charged with caring for our wounded warriors. Now not only is he dealing with PTSD, TBI, he has severe trust issues, refuses to have anything to do with female doctors/psychologist and is 100% more f**cked up than he was before he encountered Dr Abuse.

    ** huge sigh **

    But anyway, I guess my point is I can totally relate to you 100%, and all we can do is continue to do is cope as best we can and seek out others in the same situation with whom we can connect for moral support.