Friday, June 17, 2011

Judge Me..

Hi name is Heather. I've been married 3 times, the 1st 2 husbands were not the right men for me and I realized that...but I have some amazing children that came from those marriages and I love my children with my heart and soul...I'm not perfect and I've never claimed to here is your chance to judge me.

I've done stupid things..I've hurt people and I've runaway from problems when I didn't want to deal with them...about 8yrs ago I met my now husband and I learned a lot about love and life...sacrifice and pain and in the end I wouldn't change my life, my mistakes, or anything because its made me who I am..

My husband of almost 7yrs now is a disabled OIF/OEF veteran, he suffers from Severe/Chronic PTSD, mTBI and back injuries...but we make it through each day and we lean on each other for support...we have our ups and downs like most couples do but when you add the disabilities its even more...but I love him more then life itself...

Life has thrown us some huge curve balls in the past 8yrs and somehow we've managed to get through them..together. If someone had told me when I was 16yrs old all the ups and downs and dumb mistakes I was gonna make I would laughed in their face...and again if someone had told me 4yrs ago my husband would be injured and we'd be facing what we're facing now I would laughed...

I admit it I've done my fair share of stupid things and I can't fix them...but here's something I've learned thanks to my own stupidity...Embrace your mistakes, they are what has made you...You.

So feel free to judge me..I don't care anymore because until you've walked in my shoes and lived my life you have no room to judge...and as my mom always says "As you point one finger at someone, you have 3 pointing back you" other words you can accuse and blame someone for shit that's wrong but you need to accept part of the accusation and blame and you are not perfect...

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